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 The Top Four ( in general

  1. >>>How long will it last? Good ice sculpture designs are made to last as long as the event and more. An ice sculpture at room temperature will melt about 1/2 inch to one inch per hour.They rarely disappear or distort. they simply shrink, and become more beautiful in the process. They can be made thicker as the event requires. but should also be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents or hot breezes.
  2. >>>How do you get the ice so clear? We use the Clinebell CB300 clear Blockmaker, made in the USA each machine allows us to make two crystal clear 300# blocks at a time, the secret is to keep the water moving while it freezes from the bottom up.
  3. >>>How much does a block weigh? The raw blocks weigh approximately 300 pounds and hold 40 gallons of water. The basic carving blocks dimensions are 20 inches wide, 40 inches tall and ten inches thick*
  4. >>>How did you get into the Ice carving business? Many Ice sculptors begin as chefs or in the Hospitality industry. Wicked Good Ice's roots started at The Quechee Club in Vermont then progressed to some of the finest Hotels in Fabulous Las Vegas, such as Ballys Resort, The MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, The Desert Inn, The LuXor Hotel and The Resort @ Squaw Creek in Squaw Valley CA.
Top Questions when considering a sculpture for a party
  1. >>>How much do they cost?  The cost of an ice carving or ice display depends size and function as well as the intricacy of the design or the sculpting techniques involved. Another factor is whether a time specific set up and/or breakdown service is required,(or can you pick it up at our studio or can we deliver it to your venue on our own schedule midweek "freezer drop") what type of display equipment, lighting and  the distance to your event etc...  
  2. Single buffet style sculptures delivered and professionally set up when and where you require within a 50 mi.using our drain pan and lighting "kit" will begin around $450 dollars.
  3. *****Our Wedding Ice Art packages are listed at $1,800 to $3,600 and up. This is our exclusive full service package. When you book Wicked Good Ice for your special day, you are the only focus that day, YOU. For Saturday weddings from May 1st through Thanksgiving, we cater to just ONE wedding on any given Saturday. Call now to save your date!
  4. Note: for more intimate gatherings or casual wedding celebrations we can create individual sculptures or drink luges to be available for pick up ( from our studio in Rochester, NH) local delivery may be available on "open" dates.
  5. Live ice sculpting Demonstrations  and Performances can be $750 to $2,750 and up. 
  6. Everything we do at Wicked Good Ice is custom designed and catered to your event using modern techniques and equipment. We rarely use cookie cutter style templates ( although we have nothing against traditional swans, fish, eagles etc..) and we are fully insured.
  7. >>>How Far will we go to deliver? In a nutshell?? Bangor to Burlington to Boston!   but we have gone to Houlton, Maine, Mashpee, Mass. Newport Vermont and Chester Conneticut. Delivery rates are generally $1 per mile one way from Rochester, NH.
  8. >>>How far in advance do I need to order? we can accommodate almost any request with two to three weeks notice. BUT if we are booked we are booked.
    At times we put on our super hero capes and create last minute wonders! Try us! We don't usually charge rush fees but if our costs go up to work last minute then we do what is right. Weddings for example we are often booked over a year in advance,  more common is 3 to 6 months, wedding Saturdays fill up quickly due to our unique product and level of service. 
  9. Winter season demonstrations and Festival events are often booked 6 months in advance. Please call to check our availability if you have a specific date in mind.
  10. We do have some basic backyard style party luges ready for last minute pickup so call us to find out or check our Whats new page for last minute deals.
  11. >>>More info to come!!!!
Ice Sculpting is and interesting and unique art form,there are many myths or misconceptions about ice such as :

Ice is very fragile. not exactly, not all the time, ice bounces!! 

Ice carving is only a winter time thing.
OMGoodness! what is better than a bucket full of snow in July? or ice cold beer??
Ice sculptures are all swans and dolphins and "out of style" we create new exiting designs, we can freeze photos or flowers or just about anything into the ice. we create individual centerpieces and even plates to eat on or shot glasses from ice.
Ice "melts very fast", and "will not last" or "too much trouble" The ice will still look beautiful when the event is over, the melting will be contained with modern drain pans and we can even return to your party and remove the entire display for around $150 more if after midnight or overnight stay is required.

Ice sculptures are too expensive. Wicked Good Ice will be money well spent! Out of all the items in today's party market Ice is the best bang for your buck.  the impact, the wow factor, the coolness and buzz that ice creates will live long after the party is over. AND if you are a caterer, Hotel or wedding venue Ice can be a great Profit Center. Ask about our freezer drop service, bulk rates and re-sellers /booking incentives! 

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