Wicked Good wedges, and Shooters** 

These are the Coolest backyard and house party luges, They come inscribed with your saying, slogan, just about anything!!.... but wait !! Wicked Good Wedges and Shooters are a complete kit , including drip tray, LED light and an Ice bottle chiller to match!! Now that's WICKED GOOD!
W.G.Wedges measure about 36 inches long and 15 inches tall. they are built with twin luge tracks  to help "share the experience"!!

Our Shooters have a 
hole through design, a cold and long lasting luge, the beverage travels through the frozen core of the ice! ( single, double and over & under styles available)

A great way to ramp up your next casual celebration!!

all of the above are available for delivery @ approx.$1 per mile one way from Rochester NH.
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